Dr. Gabriele Sauberer

GS Iser, aka Gabriele Sauberer, PhD, MBA is an Austrian entrepreneur , certified Consultant for Positive Psychology, and founder of the International Society for Empowering Relationships.

GS is a pioneer in Diversity Management and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

She wrote the international certification standards for CSR and diversity programs.She has advanced degrees in interdisciplinary studies, and in connecting diversity and innovation.

GS is passionate about innovating and helping people and their businesses flourish, with 20 years successful consulting experience.

That’s why GS is enthusiastic about Positive Psychology and its application in business and organizational environments.

As alumni of Dr. Philip Streit, GS is committed to the highest quality in teaching and applying Positive Psychology, and looks very much forward to qualifying and inspiring Positive Psychology Professionals in Europe and all over the world through the European Positive Psychology Academy (EUPPA).

  • Co-Founder of the European Positive Psychology Academy (EUPPA);
  • Founder and CEO of the International Society for Empowering Relationships;
  • Founder and President of the Forum European Diversity Management (FEDM);
  • Owner of the private company Dr. Sauberer European Business Consultancy;
  • Head of the TermNet Group:
    • Director of the International Network for Terminology (TermNet);
    • Managing Partner of the private company TermNet Business GmbH;
    • Founder and Director of TermNet Americas in Canada;
  • Co-founder and international partner oft he Language Industry Certification System (LICS®);
  • Vice-President of the European Certification and Qualification Association (ECQA®);
  • Vice-President of the Austrian Computer Society (OCG).